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21/03: March Market Commentary

Credit Suisse Cheese Holey balance sheet! Over the course of March, Credit Suisse has lost what could be double-digit billions of dollars in capital once all the dust has settled and losses are fully accounted for. The company has been mum about the numbers thus far,...

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21/02 Feb Market Commentary

We must be getting into late stages of a cycle given the fervor and frenzy of certain topics in the market. Bitcoin The price of Bitcoin (vs USD) started February around 32,600, reached a high of 58,350, fell to as low as 43,060, and began a new rally to close out the...

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21/01 Jan Market Commentary

GameStop Saga You name it – Robinhood, Reddit, GameStop, AMC, BlackBerry, et cetera – they were all there. January ended with a lot of buzz around these names. It was described as a battle between retail investors and the “suits”. Retail was sticking it to the man....

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2020 Year In Review

Core Activity Non-Core Activity Other Interests What a year 2020 was! Ballast completed our fourth year of operation, with goals of providing clients with security, stability, and innovative investment strategies. The year took everyone on a wild ride – we found some...

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20/12 – December Market Commentary

Tesla Third equity raise of the year ahead of index inclusion: link  Tesla was added to the S&P 500 index: link Elon asks about Bitcoin: link Snubbed: link  Cybersecurity A hack exploit of cybersecurity firm SolarWinds’ software that allows access to various...

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20/11 – November Market Commentary

It is December already… What election? Equity markets are at all-time highs. We are some sort of broken record, but this market performance is not congruent with fundamentals around us. There is still a giant economic hole and a high level of unemployment. While...

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