Hire a Crew Who Really Knows the Ropes.

At Ballast Capital Advisors, we’re so committed to this institutional investment philosophy our corporate structure is significantly different. It’s a team of four vital roles that gives you peace of mind because we’re watching your money every day.

Each crew member plays a critical function in managing your activity, from writing the policy statement, creating the portfolio, tracking ongoing performance, or analyzing and executing changes along the course.

The Ballast Model

Client entrusts Ballast Capital with investment advice. Ballast has the investment department in place to invest the client’s funds within the Investment Policy Statement parameters as agreed on between Ballast and the client. Ballast clients’ funds will be invested in securities that meet each individual Ballast client’s needs.

The Traditional Model

Client entrusts advisor with investment advice. Advisor places client’s funds in a number of mutual funds that each have a manager and staff making investment decisions within the parameters established by the fund, not necessarily meeting the client’s investment goals and strategies.

Built upon a strong relationship with you, your Ballast team will know your financial goals and objectives, carefully following your investment policy to access investments that may not be offered by other firms.  As such, your investments won’t be spread across countless funds handled by distant fund managers who don’t know you or your plans, and who have alternative incentives and goals that are very different from yours.

Our investment team consists of MBAs, many of whom also have the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.  They’re finance professionals who have experience managing large portfolios with fiduciary responsibilities.  Each person adds value to your portfolio – whether it’s increased performance, risk management, analyzing and weighting securities, weighting asset classes, or simply paying attention to what’s going on in the world.  Based on their relationships with other buy-side analysts and managers, as well as sell-side economists, analysts and traders, your investment advisors are bringing institutional investment management to retail clients.