Refreshingly Different Flat-Rate Fees. We’re Really Making Waves.

Discussing advisory fees is usually an uncomfortable part of any client meeting — especially if you need to explain AUM fees (Assets Under Management).

With AUM fees the concept is pretty simple: More funds equals more fees. But anyone can quickly figure out more funds don’t necessarily mean more work – especially if your assets are dumped into a group of retail investment funds that change with the wind.

So Ballast Capital Advisors is founded on the principle that AUM fees typically limit performance returns and are not justifiable. Instead, since our team consists of financial planning and investment professionals, we believe in charging our clients a flat fee for our experience, relationships, services and actual time spent on account management. For example, your attorney doesn’t write a contract expecting to collect a percentage of the gains you’ll make from a new business transaction. You pay solely for the legal counsel’s expertise and time to develop the agreement.

With our tiered, flat-fee approach we think you’ll keep more of your money in your account, working for you over the long term.  We’ll clearly explain our fees to you in advance, proving the positive impact it will have on your fund performance.