Investment Management. We Sail a Different Course.

If there’s one thing that truly sets Ballast Capital Advisors apart from all others, it’s our approach to investing.

The strategies will vary, based on every client’s situation, but one constant is our mindset regarding investment methods and instruments.  Unlike most other advisory firms, our investment team won’t put together a group of retail investments, drop in your funds and let the market steer the course.  Instead, we’ll design your portfolio using the same principles that large insurance companies and pension portfolios are built upon –what’s often referred to as Institutional Investing.

Similar to how traditional pension funds of the past were managed, we’ll establish an investment strategy that aims to balance your existing assets and contributions with your future cash flow and retirement liabilities.  We like to call this “functional investing,” because every part of the portfolio supports the function of your plan.


<< Individual’s balance sheet
Individuals should be treated very much like a pension fund. Managing existing assets and contributions to a future liability that meets retirement cash flow needs.