Security. Stability. And Innovative Investment Strategies.

It Means More Wind In Your Financial Sails.

Why is it long-term financial success is so often compared with sailing?

Perhaps it’s the sense of freedom both provide. Maybe it’s the joy of harnessing unbridled opportunities. The thrill of adventure.  Or blue-sky optimism.

Both require planning, a solid crew, and a stable, secure vessel.  And, based on unforeseen, variable conditions, the course to your ultimate destination will depend on solid leadership and discipline.

Our name is synonymous with sailing. Ballast in a sailing ship provides stability that optimizes performance and increases efficiency. That’s precisely what we aim to do for your long-term financial journey.

There’s no such thing as auto-pilot for a sailing ship.  We feel the same way about investment management.  That’s why we use a hands-on business model.  It’s more work for us, but more opportunity for you.

Backed by the essential fundamentals of capital planning, our investment strategies and flat-fee pricing aim to provide more wind in your sails and a smoother journey toward your long-range financial future.  Welcome aboard!