Your investments, your potential, and your legacy are more than just numbers.

Our Strategy

An individual approach to institutional investing.

At Ballast, we are more than advisors.

We are financial advocates positioned to connect you with unique investment opportunities customized to your personal financial goals. While traditional firms focus on accumulating assets, we focus on building a portfolio to grow wealth and mitigate risk.

Achieving Your Goals

Protecting investments. Maximizing potential.
Building legacy.

Mitigating Risk

Our institutional investment process utilizes risk management techniques that aim to protect clients’ capital as well as achieve their goals.

Sustained Returns

We create an investment strategy that aims to balance existing assets and contributions with future cash flow and retirement liabilities.

Who We Serve

Goal-focused investors seeking tailored strategies to protect their legacy.

Utilizing the same process and principles employed by large insurance companies and pension funds, your hard-earned capital will be carefully placed into opportunities that support your investment objectives.

Ballast analyzes your current financial circumstances, optimizing asset and liability-matching to protect the longevity of your wealth.

We consult on your outside investment opportunities, acting as your personal investment department to maximize your interest and mitigate your exposure.